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Old Warden Park
Old Warden Park, Old Warden
SG18 9EA


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The shuttleworth Collection home of the 'Edwardian Flying Machines'! The Shuttleworth Collection - a unique flying collection showcasing the first one hundred years of flight.

The Shuttleworth Collection is in a quiet countryside setting, actually on an old fashioned all grass aerodrome with eight hangars. The Collection is famous for its regular flying displays. During the season, all of the airworthy aircraft are flown in displays, alongside visiting aircraft from other operators and from other Services, re-creating flying during the Edwardian period, the First World War, the peacetime years of the twenties and thirties and the Second World War. Modern aircraft are also a regular feature and provide an intriguing contrast with the veteran and vintage types.

Attraction Details

VenueOld Warden Park
AddressOld Warden Park, Old Warden, Luton, Bedfordshire, SG18 9EA
Opening times10am - 5pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeHouses


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