Oliver Cromwell House

Oliver Cromwell and his family lived in this fascinating house from 1636 for about ten years, after Oliver inherited the lease from his uncle, Sir Thomas Steward. The house was known as 'The Rectory and Parsonage of the Holy Trinity and St. Mary's called the Sextry…
Distance: 5.5 miles away

Anglesey Abbey

The 98 Acre grounds of the abbey provide a wide range of features throughout the year. The garden at Anglesey Abbey can be attributed to the vision of one man, Huttleston Broughton, 1st Lord Fairhaven. He came to Anglesey Abbey in 1926, when the garden was…
Distance: 7.6 miles away

Kettle´s Yard House and

Kettle's Yard houseFor sixteen years, Kettle's Yard was the home of Jim Ede, a former curator at the Tate Gallery, London, and his wife, Helen. It houses Ede's collection of art, mostly of the first half of the twentieth century. The collection includes paintings by Ben and Winifred…
Distance: 12.4 miles away

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