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Prebendal Manor House
Prebendal Manor House


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Prebendal Manor House, one of the most historic properties in Northamptonshire. The Grade I listed Prebendal Manor House is the earliest surviving dwelling in Northamptonshire. The present stone house dating from the early 13th century stands on a historic site, which includes two medieval fishponds, and archaeological and historical evidence of one of King Cnut's royal timber halls.

The gardens are at their best from late May until mid July. The ephemeral beauty of gardens was noted by many medieval poets. The gardens were established to represent both the practical and decorative features that could be found in a high status garden between the 13th and 15 th centuries.

Aerial photography within the parish of Nassington has produced evidence of a landscape development dating from the prehistoric period to the present.

Attraction Details

VenuePrebendal Manor House
AddressPrebendal Manor House, Nassington, Northamptonshire, PE8 6QG
Opening times1pm - 5.30pm
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Attraction typeHouses


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