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Porsche Passenger Ride

The Porsche 911 is unique to the supercar world as its DNA hasn't changed for nearly 50 years.

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Experience German engineering at its finest

Ever since the first engineers put the engine at the back of the car in 1963 they have been refining it ever since. The modern day equivalent is a car that performs precisely and like no other. It is a masterpiece. So strap into the passenger seat and see just what a modern day 911 can really perform like in the hands of a professional driver. You're experience will begin with a welcome and registration which is followed by a safety briefing with an instructor. Then its time for a two lap high speed white knuckle ride in a Porsche with a professional driver. The experience will finish with a debrief and you will be given a commemorative certificate. Please note at some locations there is an option to purchase damage waiver insurance on the day of your experience. In the event of an accident the damage waiver will cover all or part of the damage caused to the vehicle(s) however this will not cover damage caused by reckless or negligent driving. Further details are available on booking.

There is no minimum age for this activity. There are no fitness requirements for this experience. There are no qualifications required.

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