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Introduction to Curling

Follow in the footsteps of Winter Olympics superstars with this Introduction to Curling.

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• Enjoy a full hour’s tuition in this classic Winter Olympic Sport • Seven Days a week October to April • Tunbridge Wells Kent

You’ll enjoy 60 minutes of one-to-one expert tuition from an experienced curling tutor at England’s only dedicated curling rink Fenton’s. Glide onto the huge 50m-long ice pad and learn a new sport while having fun at the same time. Originating in medieval Scotland curling is now played and loved by countries all over the world including Canada Switzerland Germany China Japan Italy and France. Its popularity as a winter sport continues to grow even in the UK where local people businesses and organisations come together on the rink to have a go. Known as ‘chess on ice’ curling is easy to play but hard to master with a level of tactical depth that can be lacking in other modern sports. So prepare to put both your mind and your body to the test in this exciting experience you’ll never forget. 

On arrival at the curling rink in Kent you’ll be greeted by your instructor who will explain the format of the lesson. Then it’s time to head onto the 50m-long ice pad where the fun can begin. While curling is a game of skill and precision it is hugely enjoyable for beginners right from the start. A usual game of curling consists of two teams or four players in each. Each player plays two stones in sequence sliding the 20kg granite ‘rock’ from one end of the ice rink to the other – about 45m in length – towards a target in the ice. The rest of the team help the stone along its way by sweeping the ice in front of it. Throughout this process there is a ‘skip’ whose job it is to shout instructions encouragement and the occasional token of abuse at the rest of the team as they go along. Exciting tense hilarious noisy and incredibly fun – you’re sure to enjoy this Introduction to Curling and who knows perhaps you’ll even take it up as a regular sporting hobby afterwards.

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