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Ascott House
Ascott House, Ascot


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'A palace like cottage, the most luxurious and lovely thing I ever saw'. This was how Gladstone's daughter, Mary, described Ascott after a visit in the 1880s. Ascott, as well as being open to the public, has continued to be a family home, just as Anthony de Rothschild intended when he gave it to the National Trust. The furniture is a mixture of 18th century English and French styles. The French pieces were inherited by Leopold de Rothschild from his father while the English collection was assembled by Anthony de Rothschild and his wife, Yvonne.

The garden at Ascott has always been among its best known and more original features. The Coronation Grove, at the south eastern end of the garden has been refurbished as a wild garden with the addition of new tree plantings and groups of sweet briar and other shrub roses.

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VenueAscott House
AddressAscott House, Ascot, Wing, Bedfordshire, LU7 0PS
Opening times2pm - 6pm
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Attraction typeHouses


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