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The magnificent Manor House is set above the picturesque village of Breamore, overlooking the avon Valley on the edge of the New Forest just north of Fordingbridge. Visitors can see full size replicas of a farm worker's cottage before the advent of electricity, a blacksmith's shop, a dairy, wheelwright's shop, a brewery, a saddler's shop and cobbler's shed. The village shop, school, cooperage, bakers, laundry and early garage represent recent developments.

This extremely rare 16th century Bavarian four-train turret clock. Sir EdwardHulse, says: "This is the earliest four-train clock in the country. Breamore was completed in 1583 and the clock built within ten years of that date."

Visitors to the House will discover many fine collections of works of art, including paintings of the 17th and 18th century Dutch School, family portraits, a unique set of 14 Mexican ethnological paintings, fine examples of period furniture crafted from oak, walnut and mahogany, tapestries, a very rare James I carpet, 17th century needlework, porcelain and many other interesting items of historical, national and family interest.

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VenueBreamore House
AddressBreamore House, Breamore, Hampshire, SP6 2DF
Opening times2pm - 5.30pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeHouses


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