Rievaulx Abbey Houses

Rievaulx Abbey
2 miles west of Helmsley off B1257
YO62 5LB


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Built in the 13th century, its soaring height is a reminder of Rievaulx's original splendour. The abbey was founded by St Bernard of Clairvaux, as part of the missionary effort to reform Christianity in western Europe. Just 12 Clairvaux monks came to Rievaulx in 1131. From these modest beginnings, however, grew one of the wealthiest monasteries of medieval England and the first northern Cistercian monastery.

Over the past two years, the site has become something of an archaeological treasure, with unexpected discoveries shedding new light on the lives of the abbey's former residents. Analysis of a flagon found by chance has revealed that the monks ate wild strawberries.

Attraction Details

VenueRievaulx Abbey
Address2 miles west of Helmsley off B1257, Rievaulx, Yorkshire, YO62 5LB
Opening times10.30 - 6pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeHouses


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