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Tank Museum
Bovington, Dorset
BH20 6JG


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See Armour Through The Ages At The Tank Museum.

Head for The Tank Museum in September 2005, for an exciting journey through the history of armoured warfare.

The Tank Museum, the biggest and best museum of its kind in the world, will be hosting the largest weekend event of its kind in the South.

In a major two day event, Dorset's Tank Museum will be taking visitors back through the history of combat to demonstrate the concepts that gave rise to the development of the tank itself.

The birth of ideas behind armoured firepower and manouvre in warfare will be demonstrated by re enactors realistically portraying our military heritage from the Roman era, and the British army will be demonstrating the ultra-modern modern Challenger II.

Visitors will be able to walk a time line among historically accurate encampments and discover more about how the armies of the past lived and travelled, before watching live historical combat displays in the Museum's arena.

The march through time will continue through to the twentieth century, and will include demonstrations from the Museums own unique collection of Tanks and armoured vehicles in a live action display.

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VenueTank Museum
AddressBovington, Dorset, Bovington, Dorset, BH20 6JG
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