Northampton Museum and Art

The Northampton Museum and Art Gallery reflects Northampton's proud standing as the county's market town. It houses both a collection of boots and shoes which is recognised as the finest in the world and the story of Northampton's growth from small settlement to the largest town in…
Distance: 10.4 miles away

Rutland County Museum

The Rutland County Museum displays illustrate the archaeology of Rutland, and its rural trades and occupations, domestic life and agriculture. They are strong in the tools and equipment of village tradesmen ‐ the wheelwright and carpenter, the blacksmith and farrier, the cooper, shoe‐maker and tinsmith, the plumber and…
Distance: 10.5 miles away

Triangular Lodge

This triangular building was designed and built by Sir Thomas Tresham between 1593 and 1597. The Lodge is a testament to Tresham's Roman Catholicism: the number three, symbolising the Holy Trinity, is apparent everywhere.Triangular Lodge is situated 1 mile W of Rushton, on unclassified road 3miles from Desborough…
Distance: 5.6 miles away

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