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Beyond Extreme Paragliding Centre
SY10 8PH


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Situated on the Shropshire/Wales border, the Beyond Extreme Paragliding Centre is ideally located for paragliding within the West Midlands and the Welsh Hills,offering some of the best flying the UK has to offer. We offer tandem flights, paragliding day tasters and full Club pilot courses. Paragliding offers a rush, a thrill, a new hobby, a way to feel free and individual, a way to meet like minded people and fly to places only the birds would normally go. Once a qualified Pilot you could be airbourne within minutes of arriving at a flying site. Just don your flying suit & boots, carry your surprisingly light paragliding wing , in its own rucksack to where your friends are preparing to fly. After a few minutes inspecting your equipment, clothing and helmet you get yourself ready to fly, you look around, allow the wind to raise the canopy - and launch off into the air. This is paragliding! Established for over 20 years we pride ourselves on small groups and fly from spectacular sites across Shropshire and Mid Wales including the Long Mynd where records have been set and international paragliding competitions are held. Experience the thrill of a big flight off a mountain with an Instructor! No prior experience needed just a pre-flight briefing, and once in the air your pilot can offer you the chance to take the controls of the glider and try flying it for yourself. Gift Vouchers available. Booking essential. Beyond Extreme is open all year round - we just need light winds and no rain to fly. Beyond Extreme is run by Mark Dann, a chief flying Instuctor climber and snowboarder with over twenty years experience in California, South Africa and all over Europe. Mark and the team have been featured on BBC1, Channel 4, Sky Travel Channel and Sky Bravo, Mark was proud to fly Matt Baker from BBC1 over the Long Mynd. Mark has also been awarded the Royal British Aero Club Pilot award. The brand new paragliding centre now offers accommodation, bed and breakfast, caravanning & camping and camping pods.

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VenueBeyond Extreme Paragliding Centre
AddressMelverley, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 8PH
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Attraction typeOutdoors


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