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Flambards Village Theme Park
Culdrose Manor
TR13 0QA


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Flambards is more than just a Theme Park. Established nearly 30 years ago as the Cornwall Aircraft Park the Flambards Experience is one of the most popular days out in Cornwall. Not only does the Theme Park host the best thrill rides in Cornwall, but also the Flambards Victorian Village and Britain in the Blitz indoor attractions.

Be thrilled by the speed and awesome G-force as you spin high above the ground on Thunderbolt, feel the suspense as you ride upside down before the high-speed ground rush takes your breath away on Extreme Force, ide the tight turns and sudden drops on the Hornet Coaster, a true family thrill ride. Feel the nervous anticipation as you climb steeply up the ramp, followed by a moment of heart stopping hesitation before a headlong plunge into the swirling channel below on Canyon River Log Flume.

Let your imagination lead you through the lamp lit streets of our full size reconstruction of a Victorian Village with 50 shops, traders and homes. Experience life without the modern labour saving devices we take for granted now. Explore the magic and miseries of life in Victorian England and contrast the lifestyles of the wealthy professionals with those who toiled from dawn to dusk.

The Flambards Experience has grown out of the original Cornwall Aero Park which opened in 1976. Since then the Park has expanded, and many of the original aircraft have been sold to make way for other attractions. The display case of early aircraft models up to about 1910 is not only a testimony to the early days of flight, but also to the skill of the model maker's art. There are over fifty exquisitely crafted models of various flying machines, some of which flew and many of which never got off the ground.

Our gardens are an attraction in themselves. Garden lovers from all over the country come and marvel at our wide variety of flourishing plant species - all of which can also be bought at our Plant Centre. The Centre is open from 10:30am to 4:30pm each day. Parking is close to the separate entrance so, for visitors who only want to visit the Plant Centre, there is no admission charge. .

Attraction Details

VenueFlambards Village Theme Park
AddressCuldrose Manor, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 0QA
Opening times10.30am - 5pm Easter-Oct
Entry costs
Attraction typeTheme Parks


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