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The Monkey Sanctuary Trust is a unique environmental charity dedicated to:

- Promoting the welfare, conservation and survival of primates, particularly woolly monkeys.

- Working to end the primate trade and abuse of primates in captivity.

- Conserving natural habitats through education and sustainable living.

- Promoting the rehabilitation of primates to natural habitats.

The Trust is based at The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, UK - home to a social colony of woolly monkeys and a small group of rescued ex-pet capuchin monkeys. The Trust provides advice and support for primate rescue centres around the world.

Each year the Trust educates thousands of visitors on monkey life in the wild and in captivity, on the ethics and problems of captivity, about ideas for rehabilitation as well as other animal welfare and conservation issues.

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VenueLooe Monkey Sanctuary
AddressMurrayton, Looe, Cornwall, PL13 1NZ
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Attraction typeZoos


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