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Deal Castle
Victoria Road
CT14 7BA


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Deal Castle is one of the finest Tudor artillery works in England. It was built as part of a chain of coastal fortresses at great speed between 1539 and 1540, by order of King Henry VIII, who feared an invasion by the Catholic powers of Europe. Its squat, rounded turrets were designed to deflect incoming cannon fire and act as platforms from which to launch barrages from increasingly sophisticated artillery pieces.

Along with Walmer Castle and the largely vanished Sandown Castle, Deal Castle guarded the sheltered anchorage of the Downs the stretch of water between the shore and the infamous Goodwin Sands, a graveyard of ships. Today, you can explore the whole of the castle from the storerooms to the first-floor captain's residence. .

Attraction Details

VenueDeal Castle
AddressVictoria Road, Deal, Kent, CT14 7BA
Opening times10am - 6pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeCastles


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