What Stranger Things Can Teach Us About Story
Online Digital

What Stranger Things Can Teach Us About Storytelling6‐week writing course with Dr Charlotte BakerMondays 4th March‐8th April 7pm‐8:30pmTickets £45 from‐stranger‐things‐can‐teach‐us‐about‐storytelling‐tickets‐764441895287This six week course will cover all aspects of Stranger Things storytelling; from character plot setting use of nostalgia genre…

Spring Scares - Online Horror Writing School
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SPRING SCARESOnline Horror Writing School March to April 2024Guest Workshops x6: Tues 5th March through Tuesday 9th April 6:30pm to 8:30pmFeedback sessions x6: Thurs 7th March through Thurs 11th April July 6:30pm‐8:30pmTickets from‐scares‐6‐week‐online‐horror‐writing‐school‐tickets‐768202724027 ‐ early bird prices until 1st…

Ah! Sunflower! Linda Landers in conversation.
Swedenborg House

The Swedenborg Society and the Blake Society present the launch of a new artists book and print series with accompanying talk and display.Celebrating the launch of her new Blake‐inspired artists book and series of prints Ah Sunflower this evening will…

GPB 2024
Kissingate Leisure Centre

Magnus Group extends a cordial invitation for your participation in the 8th Edition of the Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology GPB 2024 which is scheduled to take place in Singapore from March 21‐23 2024 as a hybrid event.…

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