Technical Support

Every now and then (especially with websites that are more than 1m pages!) something may go 'snap'. Don't worry, you won't have done anything wrong - it's our system that's at fault. Some of the time it could be due to our hosting company whose systems are under strain, or it could be our own server that's being pushed to the limit due to a massive influx of website visitors.

On other occasions it's down to sloppy code or a little bug that has crept into our systems. Either way, we will endeavour to repair the breakage as soon as possible - our system is cleverly designed to inform us automatically if something breaks on our website (ooh, how posh), so most of the time you won't need to let us know if you stumble across something that isn't quite right.

However, we always grateful for a heads-up when something has gone wrong, so feel free to drop us an email using the form below at any time, and we'll get onto it as soon as we humanly can. We promise.

Current status

Everything seems to be in order, with no outstanding issues needing to be resolved. Phew.

Drop us an email

If you want to report a fault, bug or problem that's causing you to start frantically pulling at your hair, then please feel free to tell us about it. It may save you losing your hair!