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Helicopter Flying Lesson

Whether you are trying to beat the traffic, or simply want a bird's eye view of the countryside, there is no more stylish way to travel than flying a helicopter.

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Chopper challenge

The special skill and co-ordination required to fly helicopters is generally more challenging than flying fixed-wing aircraft - so you'll feel a great sense of achievement once you've mastered it! This helicopter flying experience is the perfect gift idea for anyone who wants to see whether they can handle a helicopter flying lesson. You begin your activity with a briefing from one of our expert helicopter flying instructors, to familiarise yourself with the technology and controls of the helicopter. You will typically be taking to the skies in a Robinson R22 helicopter which has two seats - one for you and one for the pilot - and dual controls. During the flight you'll have the opportunity to fly the helicopter yourself and to practice manoeuvring and hovering.

You must be at least 16 years old to participate in this activity. This may not be suitable if you are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, fits, severe head injuries, recurrent fainting, giddiness or blackouts, high blood pressure, or heart conditions. The max height is 1.9m (6'2") & max weight is 102kg-108kg (16-17 stone). There is no previous flying experience necessary.

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