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  • odome set to revolutionise event marketing

    odome set to revolutionise event marketing

    Prepare yourself for a jaw-dropping immersive experience with odome, a technological breakthrough that is setting the event organisation world on firemore

  • Football and darts: the best mashup ever?

    Football and darts: the best mashup ever?

    Football and darts.Could anything be better than this combination?Introducing Soccer Darts - taking the UK by storm.more

  • Meet reindeer stars at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

    Meet reindeer stars at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge

    You might be forgiven for thinking that they're just around at Christmas time, but at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge there's a year-long task of looking aftmore

  • No Trick or Treat

    No Trick or Treat

    Not everyone is so keen on the upcoming Halloween season.The elderly, vulnerable and parents with young children don't always appreciate the inevitamore

Best open air theatres in Britain

There's something extra special about watching a theatrical production under starry skies in the warm evening air. Maybe its the unique chemistry between the actors and the audience in an open air space. Perhaps its because the actors have to project themselves differently. Whatever it is, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy theatre in the great British outdoors.

Days of Rosey Row review

The Clocktower are an as-yet unsigned indie band who formed in 2009 in Wolverhampton.With a massive following already, it's no surprise that their first album, 'Days of Rosey Row' has been a huge hit.BritEvents' Amanda Arnold meets the band and has a listen to their first album.

Wales' best castles

Wales is home to over 400 castles, and many of these are among the most remarkable examples of Medie

Chinatown in Liverpool

Chinatown in Liverpool is the oldest Chinese community in Europe and the first established Chinatown. The entrance is marked by an impressive archway which stands 15m high, making this the highest traditional Chinese arch outside of China.

Famous landmarks of Wales

Wild, desolate and unique, Wales is a great destination for families, hikers, nature lovers and cult

Guy Fawkes Day history

BritEvents has a brief look at the history behind the infamous Guy Fawkes, the man, his failed Gunpo

Canterbury Cathedral

With its rolling green hills, historic castles and proximity to London, the county of Kent, known as the 'Garden of England', is one of the country's favourite travel destinations. BritEvents looks at its most interesting landmarkCanterbury Cathedral, the site of Thomas Becket's murder in 1170.

Top Ten Nightclubs

Although many smaller nightclubs have shut up shop over the last decade, the strongest nightclubs ar

The Chinese State Circus

It's been called the World's Greatest Acrobatic Spectacle, and it's just embarked on its UK premiere.Yin Yang, the exhilarating new performance from The Chinese State Circus, is back with more incredible acts of poise, power and talent. We sent BritEvents' Amanda Arnold to review the show, who was also lucky to catch up with director Phillip Gandey to find out more about this new extravaganza.

British tattoo conventions 2012 guide

Practiced since Neolithic times, and in many cultures and religions throughout the world, body tattooing has now become a part of mainstream fashion.We take a look at some of the best tattoo conventions taking place across the country, even though the practice is so widespread we can barely scratch the surface.Sorry, bad joke, but you get the idea.

The biggest films of 2012

A long time ago the ancient civilisation The Mayans predicted that 2012 would bring cataclysmic even

Top 10 historic British museum ships

It was once said that Britain ruled the waves, and that's no surprise given the amount of time and money that was dedicated to building the world's greatest fleet of ships.Some of these ships still survive, and BritEvents takes a look at what we think are the top ten historic ships, now open to the public.

London's blue plaques

Many well known people have lived in London, and many of their former homes are indicated by a disti

Famous British Bridges

You may think they're a little bit boring, but the some of the bridges that cross rivers, gorges, valleys and waterways have more history and heritage than you would imagine.We take a look at some of the most famous bridges in the British Isles, and cast a little bit of history behind them.

Rainy days out in Britain

Despite our rich heritage, vibrant culture and modern tastes in entertainment, Britain is prone to a

The history of pantomime

The Pantomime season is upon us - Oh, no it's not! Oh, yes it is! - and BritEvents looks at the hist

An interview with Nick Helm

Nick Helm the author of the best joke at this years Edinburgh Fringe brings his bombastic act to The Therapy Room this month. We sent Sifaeli Tesha to quiz him on his being loud, meeting his heroes and to find out something nobody else knew. Well two out of three isn't bad

Trick or treat Halloween coming soon

The run-up to halloween means just one thing - the supermarket isles are stocked up with scary costumes, horrible toys and things that go bump in the night.If you want to venture out this Halloween, we've got a list of events taking place near you.

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