Matilda the Musical preview FEATURE

BritEvents' Amanda Arnold takes a look at Matilda the musical, the award-winning musical which has been transferred to London's West End in time for Christmas.

Matilda the Musical preview

By Amanda Arnold
BritEvents Contributor

This rather dark but highly delightful musical is based on Roald Dahl's popular 1988 book Matilda, and has been adapted for the stage by playwright Dennis Kelly with the lyrics and music written by Australian comedian Tim Minchin.

This award winning musical was a massive hit and a complete sell out at Stratford's RSC, and following its success the show has been transferred to London's West End.

This hilarious but dark story is about a little girl, Matilda Wormwood, who is disliked by her parents, and who wishes that she had never been born.

The heart of the story is the heart of Matilda explained musician Tim Minchin.

Unbeknown to her parents Matilda is a very talented little girl and, from a very young age, Matilda is able to make her own way to the library and read books including Tolstoy.

It is not until Matilda starts school that she is noticed by her lovely teacher Miss Honey, who takes the little girl under her wing and protects her from the evil Headmistress Miss Trunchbull.

Matilda soon realises that she processes extraordinary powers that she uses against her monstrous headmistress with hilarious consequences.

This is no ordinary family show, with the music written by Aussie comedian Tim Minchin, who cleverly uses his normally adult wit for this brilliant musical, confirming that he doesn't need to use swear words for shock value. All the songs in Matilda the Musical are a hit, with one particular school song that has been highly acclaimed by critics for being very cleverly written.

This stage adaption promises to be the best musical since Les Miserable, the longest-ever running musical and a worldwide hit. It has also been said that Matilda the Musical fills a void where Oliver, Annie and Billy Elliot used to be.

This musical has been a labour of love for Tim Minchin; the story has been part of his childhood and a big part of his life. It was Tim who had the idea of putting Matilda on the stage over 10 years ago while he lived in Perth, Australia. He only got as far as asking who had the rights to the stage show, but the idea has stayed with him ever since.

Whilst at the RSC Matilda The Musical was highly acclaimed by critics calling the show flawless, brilliant, irresistible and buzzing with vitality.

So it was no shock to the writers or Tim Minchin that by the time it had finished in Stratford it was widely regarded as a hit and they realised it would be transferred to the razzle dazzle of the West End, where it gets its first airing from November 2011.

This musical is full of miraculous children and fantastic actors, the part of the evil headmistress Miss Trunchbull is cleverly played by a man.

Matilda the Musical will be playing at the Cambridge Theatre in the West End in London. Tickets to see the show are available from, so get the family together for a fantastic festive treat for the Christmas season.

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