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Throwing yourself out of a plane at 10,000 feet might be considered utter madness. But if close friends start wondering aloud about your sanity (or the contents of your will), you can reassure them that you'll be attached (literally) to an expert instructor and that, frankly, you're in for an experience so exhilarating that you'll probably never stop talking about it.

Tandem skydive with Red Letter Days

Our friends over at Red Letter Days are offering a unique experience that will see you falling from a plane for a mindblowing 30 seconds of freefall before the parachute opens.

The event, which takes place in Swindon, Wiltshire, costs just £250, and the whole experience lasts for three hours.

During the day, the instructor will guide the student through the whole skydiving jump with minimal instruction due to the safe and pleasant experience.

It's an incredible day to remember, and you'll be telling your grandchildren about it for years to come. Click on the button below if you can't wait, and want to book it now for just 250, or continue to read on for more information about the experience:

Tandem Skydive 250 Offer

Once you've experienced the sheer thrill of the freefall, your instructor will release the parachute and you'll enjoy about five minutes of floating slowly towards the ground, giving you fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.

Here's what Red Letter Days says about the incredible experience:

Your experience begins with around an hour of instruction on skydiving and landing techniques, before you go up in the plane. You'll be securely harnessed to your instructor, who will help you jump from the plane (or at least help you fall with style).

You'll get about 30 seconds of freefall, which is so completely incredible there's no point in us trying to describe it.

Then your instructor will open the parachute and control your descent while you admire the view and try to come to terms with the adrenaline rush. Mind blowing.

If you need any further persuasion to give this a go, read some of the reviews from folks that have already bitten the bullet and taken the skydive with Red Letter Days:

Awesome experience. Never thought I'd go through with it, but the instructors put you at ease. Everyone should experience freefall - felt like you were swimming / flying through the clouds! - Hayley S

Speechless! I seriously cannot believe that I did this! From start to finish we were so well looked after. I trusted my life with a complete stranger and dropped out of the sky with him at 2 miles high! A fabulous experience and must do mid-life-crisis cure!! - Lisa C

It is not falling, it's flying! Best feeling in the world. Absolutely fantastic. The staff is brilliant and they will do everything for you to relax and enjoy the jump. Great professionals, with the perfect balance between safety and fun. Thanks everybody. - Marie D

To experience yourself what freefall is like, head on over to the Red Letters Day website for more information. Don't bottle out!

Tandem Skydive 250 Offer

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