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Despite our rich heritage, vibrant culture and modern tastes in entertainment, Britain is prone to a bit of rain. Actually, make that a LOT of rain. Nevertheless, when the heavens open there's still plenty to do undercover. We take a look at what's available when the weather turns inclement.

Rainy days out in Britain

Britain is one of the cultural epicenters of the world, being one of the main locales for the birth of modern government systems and also home to many cultural sites that thrived during the Dark Ages to the Middle Ages.

It is home to a wide diversity of people, making it one of the places on Earth widely visited and occupied by people from all corners of the planet.

Unfortunately though Britain is also prone to foggy days and rainy days, being on the upper end of the northern hemisphere but this should not prove to be a major problem because there are all sorts of indoor places for one to visit and enjoy.

Here is a quick list of some of the most popular places people like to enjoy during rainy days out in Britain.


It wouldn't be Britain without its famous castles and definitely the most famous castle in the nation is Windsor Castle located in Berkshire. This castle has been home to the royal family for almost a millennia and it is one of three official places that The Queen herself resides in.

Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in Britain, as well as the oldest enjoying continuous residence.

Windsor Castle is a perfect place to explore during rainy days out in Britain because it is also the largest inhabited castle today as well as being the oldest castle enjoying continuous residence. Even from afar visitors can already see the defensive towers and the battlements atop the outer walls of the castle. Windsor Castle is also one of the Seven Wonders of Britain.

Another popular choice is Nottingham Castle. The castle is over three hundred years old and was built over the ruins of an older, medieval castle that was originally constructed by William the Conqueror.

The castle showcases a large museum that is home to many historical and artistic pieces that range from fine art pieces, medieval armor, chinaware and silverware.

Warwick Castle - more than a thousand years of British history, and a favourite of BritEvents.com

Nottingham Castle is also home to a myriad of yearly shows and performances. The most famous feature however of the castle is its underground network of caves and numerous hidden passageways complimented by numerous Victorian gardens and a clear sweeping view of the Nottingham countryside.

The third castle that one can enjoy during days out in Britain is the famous Warwick Castle. Warwick Castle carries more than a thousand years of British history; for example, the castle had once been the main driving gear to grind grain coming from the countryside farms.

This was achieved with the castle's Mill and Engine house that uses the strong current of the River Avon and this same river was the source of electric power during the earlier years of electric development. Warwick Castle contains numerous different set locales like the Convervatory, the Peacock Garden and the Rose Garden.


For those who want to experience something other than a historical trip through castles during rainy or foggy days out in Britain, there are numerous public aquariums to enjoy as well. One of the most famous of these is the Weymouth Sea Life Park.

This aquarium is home to over a thousand sea animals from crocodiles to penguins, sea dragons and even giant crabs and sharks. They have an interactive pool where you can hold several animals like crabs and starfishes.

The Blue Planet Aquarium - new for 2011 is the excellent Coral Cave.

One of the prominent features that the Weymouth boasts is the sea tunnel that will showcase a myriad of sharks, turtles and numerous fishes swimming overhead.

Another great aquarium to visit is the Deep Sea World aquarium. They have some of the most unique attractions for an aquarium; their Jaws attraction showcases some of the most extraordinary sea creatures with unique biting features or other remarkable features.

Some animals featured here are the alligator snapping turtle with the strongest bite in world record and the horned frog which is the only frog known in the world to have teeth.

Deep Sea World also features an underwater tunnel and they have a display area for different types of sharks, piranha and they also have scheduled shows with their seals.

Lastly among all the different aquariums you can enjoy while exploring Britain is the Blue Planet Aquarium. This aquarium has Europe's largest collection of sharks that include the menacing Sand Tiger Sharks that grow up to three meters long.

These sharks can be viewed through a seventy meter underwater tunnel that goes through a Caribbean Reef water setting that is composed of 3.8 million liters of water and teems with sea life.

Blue Planet is also one of the few aquariums that allow the visitors to suit up and dive right in along with the sharks and they now have a new attraction for children between the ages of eight and fifteen to dive with sharks as well.


If diving in with animals is not your idea of healthy days out in Britain then you can enjoy the numerous opera houses and theatres in Britain. Britain is known for sporting the best theatres in the world, being the home of classic theatre acts like the plays written by Shakespeare himself. Two of the most famous theatres in the world can be found in Britain.

Home to the world famous Auditorium and Paul Hamlyn Hall, the Royal Opera House attracts some of the world's best performances throughout the year.

The first one in discussion is the Royal Opera House that is located in London. This theatre is home to the world famous Auditorium and the Paul Hamlyn Hall.

It houses several bars and restaurants built with an outdoor terrace that gives a sweeping view of the Covent Garden Piazza. They run several classics as well on their list of theatre performances such as The Sleeping Beauty, the Christmas hit The Nutcracker and several revival performances as well.

The second would be the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. This theatre is also home to the world renowned Cotton Exchange Building. The Royal Exchange Theatre is a glass-walled structure built with seven sides and these results to a round, squat stage that sits the audiences on all sides, giving a unique theatre experience contrary to the typical set-up where the stage is situated in front of the crowd. They usually play classical plays, avant-garde scripts and Shakespearean plays as well.

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