Football and darts: the best mashup ever? FEATURE

Football and darts. Could anything be better than this combination? Introducing Soccer Darts - taking the UK by storm.

Football and darts: the best mashup ever?

First we had bouncy castles. Then we had Sumo Suits. And after that came a multitude of inflatable games, skittle alleys, gladiator games, video booths and even go-karts.

It seems that every year some genius in the event organising industry shakes things up and raises their game one step further. Long gone are the old traditional games of pass the parcel, lucky dip and musical chairs. Things have got rather sophisticated for the event industry.

If you want to stand out as the best event organising company you have to innovate. And that means constantly researching fresh new ideas to entertain children, clients, and business partners.

Laaaadies and gentlemen, we announce the newest craze to hit the UK - Soccer Darts. We want one, just for ourselves. Oh, and we also think the Olympics should include it as an official sport. Perhaps.

A new sport has been born - soccer darts.

Essentially, this piece of kit is an inflatable dartboard; the only difference being that it's giant - 17ft giant - to be precise. That's three times the size of an average person. It's a novel combination of football - and darts. But you probably already know this. Instead of chucking three little arrows at a dartboard on a wall, this game involves kicking velcro-covered soccer balls at the target. That means you won't accidentally impale your drinking buddy with a titanium tip down the pub.

Just like a real game of darts, the idea is that you kick the ball at the board, and where your ball ends up determines the number of points you get.

At this height you're not going to be able to put this in your front room, but it's ideal for gardens, larger halls and open spaces.

We think it's going to be a real hit with event organisers who want something totally different to entertain their clients.

Soccer Darts is available to hire in the UK now. Contact The.Organiser below for a price guide.

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TheOrganizer.Events has two Soccer Dart boards available to hire right now - 17ft and 13ft.

The 17ft Board is perfect for festivals, street parties, holiday parks, etc. The 13ft board is the perfect size to fit into most gardens in the UK, community halls, youth clubs, and soccer academies.

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