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Not everyone is so keen on the upcoming Halloween season. The elderly, vulnerable and parents with young children don't always appreciate the inevitable Trick or Treaters knocking at the door.

For those who don't want to invite unwelcome visitors at their door on Halloween, we've got a printable door sign that you can pop on your door.

No Trick or Treat

If you have elderly or vulnerable neighbours, or if you have young children tucked up in bed on Halloween when the sun goes down, you'll know the problem. Perhaps you work nights and you are using the late evening to catch up on some much-needed sleep before work.

Trick or Treaters can be unwelcome guests at this time of the year, and for some the dreaded knock on the door is frightening.

To resolve this, we've produced a poster that you can download, print, and stick to your front door to help keep the Trick or Treaters from knocking on your (or your neighbours) door. It may not stop every group of children from knocking at your door, but we hope that it will help the more vulnerable members of our society to deter unwanted Trick of Treaters.

No-one wants to be a killjoy at this time of the year, but there really are people out there that genuinely don't want to be involved. Please show them respect and ask your children not to disturb them.

Have fun, stay safe and above all please teach your youngsters to respect needs of others when they're out this Halloween Trick or Treating.

Download the poster here.

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