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In Great Britain, greyhound racing fast becoming a popular pastime. Over three million people each year visit one of the 25 stadiums found across the country, and there are more than five thousand meetings held each year. BritEvents has a look at some of the best tracks for spectators, regardless of whether you're a hardened punter or not.

Britain's best greyhound tracks

First introduced in 1776 at Swaffham in Norfolk, the sport evolved from coursing, where a trained dog chases a live game animal, typically a hare or rabbit. However, it wasn't until 1926 where the modern greyhound race was introduced to the public, when seven greyhounds raced around an oval circuit at Belle Vue Stadium in Manchester, watched by an audience of 1,700 people.

Regulated by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, greyhound racing has the same principles as other racing.

Dogs that are entered in the race will be released on the Greyhound tracks where they are to chase or run after a lure which can either be a rabbit or hare. The first greyhound dog to reach the finish line wins. The most high-end Greyhound tracks are equipped with all the enhancements that are favourable not only for the spectators, but for the dog racers as well.

Here are some of the most famous Greyhound tracks in Great Britain.

Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester

This stadium hosts races three days a week including Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. They open at 6:30pm in the evening and a typical race lasts for up three hours. Belle Vue Stadium doesn't require ticket reservations for punters or guests.

They also have tempting offers for their patrons including The 6 Pack where groups of six can enjoy a discounted entrance fee that comes with meals, refreshment, and other race experience prerequisites; superb dining which one can enjoy while overlooking the race; private suite dining which caters to those who need private space while enjoying the greyhound race; and even party packages for families and companies who wish to have a completely uniqu party experience.

Nottingham Stadium

This stadium is perhaps one of the most accessible greyhound stadiums in Great Britain. It is strategically located at the country's heart, which is convenient whatever transport you use to get there. The greyhound races take place three times a week - Monday nights, Friday nights, and Saturday nights.

Nottingham stadium offers a reasonable price range which can cater to corporate visitors as well as ordinary citizens who wish to experience the thrill and excitement of dog racing. The stadium has exemplary restaurants, three bars, and a snack bar which are sure to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Sheffield Stadium

Every week, around 5000 visitors visit the dog racing at Sheffield Stadium, thanks to the stadium's first class racing facilities, various entertainment and of course exciting races five days a week.

Night races are on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, whereas afternoon races take place on Mondays and Thursdays. The stadium has a 700-car parking capacity and 4000 crowd capacity. They host prestigious greyhound racing events like the Queen Mother Cup, Dransfield Invitation, Harry Holmes Memorial, William Hill Steel City Cup, and Nigel Troth Yorkshire Oaks.

Perry Barr Stadium

This stadium is fast turning into one of the top choices when it comes to greyhound racing. This place is best suited for company events including parties, conferences, and even product launches.

With their high end facilities and superb entertainment, visitors are sure to enjoy not just the race, but the entire racing experience. Perry Barr Stadium is located just 10 minutes from the Birmingham City Centre and is accessible via major network link transportation.

Walthamstow Stadium

This Greyhound stadium host races on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights from 6.30 pm onwards, and is also open on Mondays and Fridays for afternoon or lunchtime meetings and races.

Walthamstow stadium boasts high class facilities, various entertainment options, and of course an entry price range that can cater to all budgets. This stadium also gives high priority to their greyhound racers hence it is assured that dogs are well cared for.

Wimbledon Stadium

Located in Southwest London, Wimbledon greyhound racing stadium is perhaps one of the most high-end race tracks in the country, and also considered one of the most famous. Wimbledon Stadium hosts the prestigious annual greyhound racing event the English Greyhound Derby.

If you haven't experience the sheer adrenaline rush within the Greyhound tracks, make sure to visit a nearby greyhound racing stadium and treat yourself to a wild and rewarding adventure.

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