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Whiteladies Priory
Between A41 and A5, 1m SW of Boscobel House


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Built on the grounds of a medieval nunnery, it was to White Ladies that Charles II then a Prince was first taken, after fleeing from Worcester. He arrived at White Ladies Priory on Thursday 4th September 1651 after riding throughout the night and was admitted by a servant of the house named George Penderel.

The name 'White Ladies' refers to the nuns who lived their who wore white (undyed) habits.

Whilst the large timber-framed nunnery has now gone, the remains of the nunneries medieval church, and the nineteenth boundary wall of the small graveyard still remain.

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VenueWhiteladies Priory
AddressBetween A41 and A5, 1m SW of Boscobel House, Whiteladies, Shropshire, WV8 1QZ
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