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Bath Abbey is a parish church which was once the great church of a monastery. A cathedral is the principal church of a diocese, the area of a bishop's authority. The Abbey Church is classified as one of the Greater Churches group. Begun in 1499, it is the last great gothic church in England. It is a cruciform building the size of a small cathedral, seating around 1,200 people.

The Heritage Vaults Museum occupies cellars which belonged to houses that once stood alongside the Abbey. The Vaults Exhibition begins with a petition and a curse from 4th century Roman Bath in which the word 'Christian' makes its first known appearance in Britain.

A model of the 10th century monk, Aelfric, robed in his black Benedictine habit, is on display in the museum. Aelfric is known to have lived and worked in the Abbey and here he writes a book to be presented to Abbot Brithwold.

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VenueBath Abbey
AddressBath Town Centre, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1LT
Opening times9am - 4.30pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeHouses

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