Shap Abbey Houses

Shap Abbey
The River Lowther
CA10 3NB


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The impressive tower and other remains of this Premonstratensian abbey stand in an isolated valley.

Describing the site as a "ruin" is unfair, a substantial amount of the west tower remains and the foundations of the living quarters and church remain. The stores for example look as inviting as they no doubt were in the 13th Century when stocked with bread, ale and meats. The toilets can be easily found, although thankfully the effluent that once flushed directly into the river Lowther is long gone.

Throughout, the Abbey is complimented with charms such as the tiny coffin in the Chapter House and the etched circles in the church floor that suggest there are plenty of untold stories.

The West Tower

Richard Redman, said to be Shap Abbey's most eminent Abbot, was the man behind the West Tower. The tower is the most impressive surviving feature and rises from the rolling fields as you approach the Abbey. Despite being built in the 15th Century it stands to its orginal height, only the parapets and the windows are missing.

Courtesy of the BBC Website.

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VenueShap Abbey
AddressThe River Lowther, Shap, Cumbria, CA10 3NB
Opening timesAny reasonable time
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Attraction typeHouses


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