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A series of collections which trace the story of Britain from prehistory to the present day, including fine collections covering the prehistoric period, the Bronze and Iron Ages. Highlights include a section of the Sweet Track, the oldest of the prehistoric trackways in Britain, and the body of Lindow Man, which has been preserved in a peat bog since the mid-1st century AD.

Extensive collections from historic and contemporary societies of around the world, including Africa, and Egypt after the ancient period, contemporary artefacts from North, Central and South America, extensive Asian collections from the earliest civilisations, and Greek objects including bronze-age figure carvings from the Cyclades, sculptures from the Parthenon, the Nereid Monument from Xanthos and scultpures from the mausoleum at Hilikarnassos.

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VenueBritish Museum
AddressGreat Russell Street, London, Greater London, WC1B 3DG
Opening times10am - 5.30pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeMuseums

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