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Nottingham Industrial Museum
Courtyard Buildings, Wollaton Park, Notts


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Visit Wollaton Hall and Park's Industrial Museum, with a wonderful display of Textile, Transport and Technology from Nottingham's past on display, including favourites like the Basford Beam Engine, a fully operational analogue telephone network that you can see working whilst you chat, a display of cycles, motor cycles and motor cars linked to the city and some of the most important lace making machinery that put Nottingham on the textile map forever. The Steam Engine House has a fully operational Steaming Day run by the Nottingham Arkwright Society on the last Sunday of every month. The Industrial Museum is accessed through the Courtyard Stables shop and via the Wollaton Visitor Centre.

The museum's lace machinery collection contains some of the earliest and most important machinery of its type in the country, most of it being built in the Nottingham area. Much of the lace machinery collection was acquired from prominent lace and lace machinery manufacturers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In more recent times the Raleigh cycle company has given a collection of children's bicycles from the 1970s, Boots have given items relating to their pharmaceutical operations and the Plessey Co. (latterly Siemens) at Beeston donated a significant collection of telephones and other telecommunications material which has been built upon to create a very strong collection of post-war material. In the 1970s a steam-powered beam engine was removed from Basford to the museum and rebuilt on site. The opportunity was tjeken at the same time to expand the collection of steam and internal combustion engines. .

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VenueNottingham Industrial Museum
AddressCourtyard Buildings, Wollaton Park, Notts, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG8 2AE
Opening times11am - 5pm Weekends Only
Entry costs
Attraction typeMuseums

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