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Tales of Robin Hood
30-38 Maid Marian Way


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Weapon Handling Days

Come along and meet our resident weapons expert, swords, helmets, maces and axes are just a few examples of the medieval weaponry you can view, handle and learn about. Feel the weight of the chain mail that knights would have had to wear under their armour whilst handling a horse and weaponry. Have a go at holding a shield and a sword at the same time, how strong do you need to be? If this really takes your fancy and fuels your imagination, visit our gift shop for dress up outfits and range of toys to re-enact your own battles with Robin Hood and the Evil Sheriff.

Falconry Days

The resident falconer will be in attendance from 10.30am every day until 5pm with indoor flying displays and opportunities to see a bird of prey close up. Interactive displays in the cafe area provide an perfect opportunity to learn how these magnificent birds of prey were used by Medieval Knights to catch their tea. Learn how many falconry terms have been adopted into the English language and who would have been allowed to own which types of bird. Please note these shows include live birds and may have to be cancelled if illness or other unforeseen circumstances arrive, the management reserve the right to change the entertainment itinerary if necessary.

Jester Workshops

Come and join our jolly jester for juggling, plate spinning and random tom foolery in the Greenwood cafe. Is it as easy as it seems? try your hand with a Diablo, juggling balls, and other equipment and see how the Kings, Queens and noblemen were entertained before the days of MTV and Cartoon Network!!. We stock a variety of jester equipment in our gift shop so buy some juggling balls on your way out and practice the old medieval art of entertainment that could literally save your head make the King laugh and gain a pardon!!!!!!!

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VenueTales of Robin Hood
Address30-38 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 6GF
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