Holly Gate Cactus Garden Outdoors

Holly Gate Cactus Garden
Billingshurst Road
RH20 3BB


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The Holly Gate Cactus Garden houses a unique collection of over 30,000 exotic plants. It has grown during the last four decades and is well known throughout the world, each year attracting many visitors from abroad. Many rare plants from the more arid areas of the world such as USA, Mexico, South America and Africa are represented as well as the sub-tropical epiphytic cacti from the Central and South American jungles.

We have a large range of plants in different sizes, covering Cacti, both desert and many different Epiphytic cactus, and succulents. Most plants are grown on the Nursery from our own resources and we are able to offer an ever changing variety of excellent quality plants at reasonable prices. See our different categorized lists.

Attraction Details

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VenueHolly Gate Cactus Garden
AddressBillingshurst Road, Ashington, Sussex, RH20 3BB
Opening times9am - 5pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeOutdoors

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