Magna Science Adventure Centre Theme Parks

Magna Science Adventure Centre
Sheffield Rd, Templebrough
S60 1DX


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Fire Pavilion

It's a frightening, fascinating, funny, high voltage experience. Go power mad. Control heat and cold. Make cables glow red hot. Paint heat patterns on the wall. Fuel machines with your hands. Stand next to a pillar of flame. Play games with fire. Say hello to a few thousand volts of electricity. Melt steel. Race with an electromagnetic crane. Flirt with danger. Enjoy the fun of the forbidden. How we generate and store it. How we use it.

Water Pavilion

We drink it. Wash in it. Swim in it. Depend on it. It's 60% of our bodyweight. It covers 70% of the Earth's surface. It carved the Grand Canyon. Creates tidal waves, floods and monsoons. Now you can get inside it.

Throw it about a bit. Get wet. Squirt. Spurt. Follow cycles. Turn wheels. Sharpen knives.

Bang hammers. Find out how much water it takes to make jeans, Or create a landscape. Lose yourself in a vortex - and don't forget to flush. Be naughty with water.

Earth Pavilion

Get in and amongst it. Push it around. You're buried in it. Find out what we get out of it. What it's made of. How we work it. Need it. Need to care for it. How great it is to play with. Down and dirty. Smash rocks. Excavate. Pick stone. Pull levers. Hoist your friends and family. Go down the mine. Have a rest. Decide the fate of an industry. Save the world.

Air Pavilion

We can't see it, smell it or taste it. We hardly ever notice it. But there's 5,200,000,000,000,000 tonnes of it surrounding the Earth and we can't live or even breathe without it. This is the story of air and what it does. As you climb up onto the high steel walkway, its the first thing that grabs your attention - suspended like a great translucent airship, frozen in flight, far above the ground. This is the Air Pavilion, where you can have a great time flying through the air.

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VenueMagna Science Adventure Centre
AddressSheffield Rd, Templebrough, Rotherham, Yorkshire, S60 1DX
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Attraction typeTheme Parks

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