The Living Rainforest Zoos

The Living Rainforest
Hampstead Norreys
Hampstead Norreys
RG18 0TN


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Explore the rainforest, and discover its wonders for yourself.

On your visit, look out for free roaming lizards, birds and butterflies - you never know where they will appear next! See some of the world's most popular foods, from bananas to coffee, cocoa and ginger. . . As well as plants that have changed the way we live today. Plus. . . Monkeys, a crocodile and much more.

Colossal waterlily leaves reaching up to 2. 6m (8' 6") across float on the pond during summer. Late Summer is the best time to spot the 30cm (12") white and pink blooms.

The Living Rainforest is open daily, with the exception of Christmas Eve, when we close at 1pm, and Christmas Day and Boxing Day when we are closed. .

Attraction Details

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VenueThe Living Rainforest
AddressHampstead Norreys, Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, RG18 0TN
Opening times10am - 5.15pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeZoos

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