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Marwell is a great place for a day out. From antelope to ants, from bats to bongo, from wallabies to warthogs, from zebra to zebu - there are over 200 different species of amazing animals.

Zambar the Amur tiger cub was born in March and had a slightly shaky start to life when his mum lost interest and he was removed by keepers for special care. However, Zambar has done well and should eventually be returned to his family. At the moment he is on limited public view and can usually be seen at 3 p.m. each day but this is subject both to staff availability and to weather conditions.

Don't miss Stan and Ollie - two delightful Somali wild ass foals. They are very rare in the wild and few in zoos. Marwell is the only UK zoo where you can see them. Grevy's zebra, Milly, is the first to appear in her herd this year. You can see gemsbok calves, baby addax, sable and roan antelope and scimitar-horned oryx calves.

Our family of ocelots, Manduri, Libby and little Hannah, have a brand new enclosure to enjoy which gives them opportunities to climb and explore but also to rest and watch the world. There are tamarin babies including cotton-top tamarin twins. A new island exhibit down by the entrance gate is home to three squirrel monkeys.

Visit Encounter Village and you can also enjoy the Tom Thumb Zoo. This is a miniature menagerie made by modelling enthusiast Arthur Parsons who has donated his creation to the zoo. There is a new shop down in Encounter Village, the Village Stores, for sweets and books.

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VenueMarwell Zoo
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