Hogarth House Art Galleries

Hogarth House
Hogarth Lane, Great West Road
Greater London
W4 2QN


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Hogarth House is a gallery where most of Hogarth's well known engravings are on display, including 'Harlot's Progress', 'Rake's Progress', 'Marriage la Mode', and also 'Gin Lane' and 'Beer Street'.

Hogarth lived here with his wife, sister and mother-in-law. After his death his widow Jane continued to live in the house for a further 25 years, until her own death in 1789.

Attraction Details

VenueHogarth House
AddressHogarth Lane, Great West Road, London, Greater London, W4 2QN
Opening times1pm - 5pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeArt Galleries


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