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Mountfitchet Castle
Mountfitchet Castle
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Mountfitchet Castle is a unique history time capsule, enabling the visitor to travel back to Norman England, as it was in 1066, and explore a motte & bailey castle and village on its original ancient site, steeped in history. After the attack on the Castle around 1215 by King John, the stones were taken by the villagers to build their houses and the castle site lay overgrown and forgotten for over 700 years until its re-construction today.

Of all the buildings within the Castle, the prison was paid least attention to in terms of comfort. Here you will see the prison thatched in long wheat straw, with the walls made of half-round oak trunks with large cracks, making it very draughty.

Since the castle opened to the public in 1985, there have been many sightings of ghosts within the castle walls and grounds.

The sightings seem to be concentrated in the same area, at the far end of the Grand Hall (now the Armoury) within the Inner Bailey. There have been reports of a tall figure wandering the grounds at night and pipe or flute music has been heard coming from the Inner Bailey.

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VenueMountfitchet Castle
AddressMountfitchet Castle, Stansted, Essex, CM24 8SP
Opening times10am - 5pm
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Attraction typeCastles


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