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Chiddingstone Castle, a squire's home with Tudor roots, hidden in lovely unspoiled Wealden countryside yet only 35 miles from London, was once the seat of the Streatfeilds, and has retained an intimate, timeless appeal through all changes. Chiddingstone Castle is open to the public during the summer months as a tourist attraction. A delightful place to visit without crowds of people - step off the beaten track and relax a while.

Chiddingstone Castle is not a museum, but a living country house which is set to endure long into the future so that generations to come may enjoy it.

In redecorating the house we have not tried to repeat past fashions, but to choose styles which would have appealed to the Streatfeilds - well-to-do, appreciative of quality, but scornful of ostentation - and to Denys Bower, with his unfailing sense of the fitness of things.

The Mansion: A fantasy Georgian Castle, finely furnished and welcoming. For 400 years, it was the seat of the Streatfeilds, great ironmasters. It tells a story about the past: architecture, domestic life, and the social and economic roots of Kent.

The Royal Stuart and Jacobite Collection: Pictures and memorabilia about this tragic dynasty, which reveals people and brings the past alive.

The Egyptian Collection: With objects from pre-dynastic to Roman times, the finest private collection in the country.

The Japanese Collection: Lacquerware, swords, and armour - the greatest private collection in the West. Important not only for instruction about Japan itself but also for its influence on Western art.

The Buddhist Collection: Images and relics from various Eastern countries. A beautiful introduction to comparative religion, which fascinates children.


Weekdays 2. 00 pm - 5. 30 pm;

Sundays and Bank Holidays 11. 30 am - 5. 30 pm. Last admittance: 5. 00pm.

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VenueChiddingstone Castle
AddressChiddingstone, Chiddingstone, Kent, TN8 7AD
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