BritishFireworks Displays 2020

"Remember, remember, the fifth of November" - a chant that was first heard in the 1700's in Britain to commemorate the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

For the past four hundred years people across the UK have remembered the foiled plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament by members of the Gunpowder Plot. It was the fifth of November when Guy Fawkes was arrested whilst guarding some high explosives placed under the House of Lords.

King James I survived the plot to kill him, and announced that on this day every year he gave the public a day of thanksgiving. since then, people across the country shut away their pets and make their way to the local bonfire display, where fireworks (and sometimes a 'Guy' placed on top of the bonfire) entertain and thrill crowds. Here's our list of bonfire and fireworks displays this year:

Britain's Best Fireworks Displays and Bonfire Nights

Halloween Fireworks Spectacular

On Wednesday 28th October enjoy live evening entertainment from Cornwalls finest band The Quest who will be entertaining crowds with their array of classic covers from the 60s right up to the current chart hits. Experience the Park…

Fireworks Spooktacular
Beaulieu National Motor Museum

One of the largest firework displays in the south on Saturday 31st October choreographed to music with a range of entertainment for the whole family.Be wowed by an incredible fireworks display set to a top‐secret playlist based on a Spooktacular…