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Chichester Cathedral
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For nearly 1000 years Chichester Cathedral has welcomed visitors through its doors worshippers, seekers, people with every kind of need.

The history of Chichester Cathedral begins in 681 when Saint Wilfred brought Christianity to Sussex and established a Cathedral in Selsey, a small community south of Chichester.

Chichester Cathedral is famous for its modern art which was commissioned mainly during the late 20th century. These include a window by Marc Chagall, a tapestry by John Piper and a painting by Graham Sutherland. However the art in the Cathedral is not all modern it also contains some wonderful early objects including the 12th century Lazarus Reliefs and the Lambert Barnard paintings. One of the delights of the building is the successful fusion of the ancient and the modern.

Among features of particular interest are the Chichester Reliefs, two carved stone panels depicting part of the story of the raising of Lazarus. Dating from the early twelfth century, they are regarded as outstanding examples of pre-gothic sculpture, unique in English architecture. The choir stalls embody thirty eight misericords dating from around 1330, though much of the panelling and upper work of the stalls dates from nineteenth century restoration. Two tudor paintings by Lambert Barnard and portraits of past bishops and the Kings and Queens of England enlighten the transepts: fragments of his ceiling paintings have also survived.

The Cathedral is open from 7.15am to 6.00pm in the winter months and 7.00pm in the summer months. Occasionally access may be restricted due to services or special events.

Attraction Details

VenueChichester Cathedral
AddressWest Street, Chichester, Sussex, PO19 1PX
Opening times7.15am - 7pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeChurches


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