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Lyddington Bede House
Blue Coat Lane, Rutland
LE15 9LZ


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Lyddington Bede House was originally one wing of a medieval rural palace belonging to the Bishops of Lincoln. Although it is not known when it was first built, the land was certainly owned by the church in the time of William the Conqueror. The property was seized by the Crown in 1547 and was then passed on to Lord Burghley in 1600. It was he who then used it as an almshouse for the poor. In return for his generosity, he expected them to learn some kind of craft and to attend church. Among the things to see on its three floors are the bedesmen's rooms with tiny windows and fireplaces, and the Great Chamber, featuring a beautiful ceiling cornice. An on-site audio tour reconstructs some of the major changes during the past 700 years.

Access to buildings: 20m from church gate on slightly sloping tarmac/cobbled path. Ground floor accessed via small step and other small steps into each 'cell'. Fairly easy steps to first floor but steps to second floor difficult. Seats available.

Grounds: All areas accessible on impacted gravel paths and smooth grass; gazebo area bumpy. .

Attraction Details

VenueLyddington Bede House
AddressBlue Coat Lane, Rutland, Lyddington, Rutland, LE15 9LZ
Opening times10am - 6pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeHouses


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