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Stonehenge, Wiltshire


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At Stonehenge, the unparalleled stone circle (3000 BC-1600 BC) is surrounded by a ceremonial landscape comprising more than 300 burial mounds and many other prehistoric remains. There is nothing quite like Stonehenge anywhere in the world and for 5000 years it has drawn visitors to it.

It's thought that the name Stonehenge originates from the Anglo-Saxon period the old English word 'henge' meaning hanging or gibbet. So what we have is literally 'the hanging stones', derived probably from the lintels of the trilithons which appear to be suspended above their massive uprights. Today the word 'henge' has a specific archaeological meaning: a circular enclosure surrounding settings of stones and timber uprights, or pits.

There is no access to the centre circle during normal opening hours, however, Stone Circle Access can be arranged out of hours by telephoning (01980) 626267. It is possible to arrange for Stone Circle Access to the inner circle at Stonehenge, subject to certain conditions, from dawn until half an hour before the site opens or half an hour after the site has closed until sunset or dusk (whichever is earliest). This is only possible during the times when Stonehenge is closed to the general public.

Attraction Details

AddressStonehenge, Wiltshire, Stonehenge, Wiltshire, SP4 7DE
Opening times9.30am - 6pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeMuseums


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