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Between 1976 and 1981, visitors to York from all over the world watched as some of the best preserved remains of the Viking world came to light. York Archaeological Trust discovered wooden houses which stood to over 2 metres in height, fence lines, alleyways and backyards. During the five years of excavation, tens of thousands of objects from the Viking Age were uncovered, many of them in excellent condition thanks to the wet soils of Coppergate. The Trust had discovered Jorvik - the centre of Viking power in England.

Get face-to-face with the Vikings on the very site where archaeologists discovered the remains of the place they once called home.

Discover what life was really like over 1000 years ago, meet our Viking residents, see over 800 items uncovered here, and journey through a reconstruction of actual Viking-Age streets. JORVIK brings alive a shadowy era in the history of York and the nation. Created by York Archaeological Trust on the site of the 'Viking Dig' that it carried out here in Coppergate between 1976 and 1981, JORVIK shows how much archaeology contributes to the discovery and understanding of our past.

At JORVIK you will also journey through a reconstruction of the actual Viking-Age streets which once stood on this site, still with sounds and smells! The houses and shops are laid out in exactly the same pattern as they were in the year AD975, and even the faces of the people you see have been reconstructed from Viking skulls. .

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AddressCoppergate, York, Yorkshire, YO1 9WT
Opening times10am - 5pm
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Attraction typeMuseums


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