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Walk in the footsteps of Romans and Vikings. See beasts turned to stone from a time when dinosaurs ruled the planet. Discover the jewels of Kings and the spoils of war. Welcome to Yorkshire Museum, one of England's first and finest.

Yorkshire Museum is a treasure house in the heart of York.

Discover some of the world's greatest and most beautiful archaeological finds. A host of Roman, Viking and Medieval riches are ready to be found again.

Unearth the remains of creatures that have lain buried for 200 million years, then come right up to date and view the work of some of Britain's greatest 20th century potters.

This unique Museum is set in a unique location - 10 acres of wonderful botanical gardens. Wander through them and you will find the stunning ruins of St. Mary's Abbey, the splendid 14th century Hospitium and a wonderfully preserved section of York's Roman fortress. .

Attraction Details

VenueYorkshire Museum
AddressMuseum Gardens, York, Yorkshire, YO1 7FR
Opening times10am - 5pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeMuseums


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