Highgate Cemetery Outdoors

Highgate Cemetery
Swains Lane, Highgate
Greater London
N6 6PJ


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When burial conditions in London became intolerable in the early 19th Century, Parliament authorised the creation of seven private Cemeteries within the periphery of inner London. Of these Highgate was opened in 1839 (the West Cemetery) and extended in 1854 (the East Cemetery).

The Cemetery is the most impressive of a series of large formally arranged and landscaped cemetaries which were formed around the perimeter of London.

Graves of such notables as the Rosseti family, George Eliot, Michael Faraday and Karl Marx.

The Cemetery is open every day in the year except 25th and 26th December for the purposes and at the dates and times set out below. The Cemetery is closed temporarily when there is a funeral in progress. Because burials still take place and friends and relatives frequently pay their respects, visitors are requested to dress and behave appropriately. Dogs can not be taken into the Cemetery; picnics and smoking are not allowed.

East Cemetery

Opens 10.00am weekdays, 11.00am weekends.

Last Admissions 1st April to - 30th October 4.30pm.

Last Admissions 1st November - 31th March 3.30pm

Entry £2.00, Camera Permit £1.00. No Video Cameras

Western Cemetery

Admission by Standard or Special Tour only.


Standard Tour

Week days at 2.00pm only - for which it is advisable to book by telephone.

Weekends at 11.00am, 12.00 Noon, 1.00pm, 2.00pm, 3.00pm and 4.00pm (3.00pm from 1st November to 31 March)


No week day tours in December, January and February. However, Special Tours can be arranged by special request.

Current Prices: Entry £3.00. Camera Permit £1.00 for personal use only.

No Professional Photography, No Video Cameras and No Tripods.

No children under eight years old.

Groups of ten or more should not come on Standard Tours but on Special Tours.

Pre booking is not feasible.

Attraction Details

VenueHighgate Cemetery
AddressSwains Lane, Highgate, London, Greater London, N6 6PJ
Opening times
Entry costs
Attraction typeOutdoors


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