Great Comp Garden Outdoors

Great Comp Garden

Borough Green
TN15 8QS


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Great Comp Garden is the creation of Eric Cameron - and his late wife Joy. They moved to Great Comp some 40 years ago; from a house with a small garden, in Clapham.

It is a peaceful haven - largely informal - with meandering paths through thousands of colourful shrubs and choice perennial plants. You will also pass many "ruins" - built by Eric Cameron himself! (If this seems a little eccentric, then so be it.)

To give you a taste of what is to be found, there are at least 70 Magnolias in 30 or so varieties, including a magnificent Magnolia veitchii which towers some 50' over surrounding plants. It often has in excess of 2000 blooms and is probably one of the best specimens in the country.

A garden of 7 acres, comprising many beautiful and rare shrubs, perennials and other hardy and half hardy plants. It is a plantsman's haven, with the year starting off with Helleborus, followed by Magnolias, Rhododendrons and Azaleas; then through the remainder of the year with rare and exotic shrubs and perennial plants - such as the huge collection of Salvias.

Attraction Details

VenueGreat Comp Garden
Address, Borough Green, Kent, TN15 8QS
Opening times11am - 5.30pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeOutdoors


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