Blackgang Chine Fantasy Park Theme Parks

Blackgang Chine Fantasy Park
Blackgang, Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight
PO38 2HN


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Welcome to Blackgang Chine. Over 40 acres of spectacular clifftop gardens with attractions, shows and rides for all the family. You'll find a magical mix of fantasy, legend, heritage and fun for all the family.

The very word "Blackgang" has a legendary ring about it, summoning up visions of smugglers, shipwrecks and wild storm lashed shores

In 1800 Blackgang Chine was a steep gaunt ravine situated some 500 feet above the sea overlooking Chale Bay, on the S. W. Tip of the Isle of Wight. Stretching some three quarters of a mile down to the shore, it was a wild and desolate place - frequented by none other than local fishermen, during the mackerel season. There were also rumours of a thriving smuggling trade!

Children's imagination runs wild as they enjoy the many themed areas around the park. Whether it be smugglers on the high seas, goblins and trolls inside Rumpus Mansion, or the wild west of Frontierland, Blackgang provides a fertile base for activity play.

St. Catherine's Quay exhibition & the Sawmill illustrate the life and times of the Island coastal life in times gone by, as well as tells the story about the local continuing landslips.

While at Blackgang Chine meet the Fossil Man, Martin Simpson and his team. See his amazing collection of fossils and dinosaurs. . Including Polacanthus, found locally. Book a fossil hunting trip for your school triphe guarantees some fossil finds. .

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VenueBlackgang Chine Fantasy Park
AddressBlackgang, Isle of Wight, Blackgang, Isle of Wight, PO38 2HN
Opening times10am - 5pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeTheme Parks

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