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Thorpe Park
Staines Road
KT16 8PN


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Riders flung into a record breaking 10 loops of fear at 65 kph. 120 jockey wheels of NASA-developed materials tenaciously grip 850 metres of proximity-sensor monitored track. Supermagnets await braking commands from awesome processing software. 2 minutes feel like 2 hours.

Nemesis Inferno

77 kph comes up too soon. G's build fast. 1, 3, 4.5. 7 metre deep concrete piles soak up phenomenal stress. Malignant hydraulics pump out stinging mist. Air brakes stop the pain with a slamming 2000 psi. It's over.

Samurai - NEW!

Evil software commands the first violent move. Not funny any more. 6 blades packed with humanity slash the air. G' s build up. Now 1 - now 2 - now 3. Vertical. Sideways. All ways. Now 360. Now hanging, upside down. Now plunging. Steel decking races to meet cowering riders. Please, please stop. Again, again, again. Unbelievable forces. All orientation lost in the black art of Samurai.


Product of a darker art. Strapped in to a huge metal structure that twists you around like an almighty egg whisk. Spinning, swinging, lurching, heaving, thrusting, juddering. Fine minds misused in the name of terror.


A forged titanium bolt casts the riders groundwards. 75 kph dials up 5.5; the most G' s the body can take. Supermagnets stop the plunging riders inches from impact. The fear smells rancid.


Tortured gear sets groan under massive stress. 1500 psi hydraulics wrestle Quantum airwards and fling it at the ground in one angry move. Over and over again. Pleas to stop fall on deaf ears.

Tidal Wave

Haul 4 tonnes of reinforced GRP hull up 85 feet of steep, slippery incline. Heave it over a near vertical drop pointed at a 3 million gallon lagoon. The impact is 1.5 G's. 3 tonnes of water turns to stinging vapour. And this is FUN?


Sickening centrifugal force quadruples the riders' weight. Arms are leaden. 35 tonnes of spinning payload heaves skywards. Fearful victims are pinned, motionless, in a 360 twisted world of fear for 90 endless seconds! Never again.

Ribena Rumba Rapids

Sunken boulders and rapids jolt and jostle beleaguered victims. This white water experience lasts for 7 wet, wild, lurching minutes. It seems much, much longer.

X:No Way Out

Perverted computer power launches bizarre commands down 100 core power cables, pumping relentless sound through utterly confused brains. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Icy mist and gales of wind compound the misery of this malignant concept.

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VenueThorpe Park
AddressStaines Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8PN
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Attraction typeTheme Parks


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