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York Dungeons
12 Clifford St


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The York Dungeon brings York's horrible history to life with 11 live shows, actors and special effects.

Travel to the dark depths of York Prison where murderer, thief, and infamous highwayman Dick Turpin awaits his death at the gallows.

After years of stealing livestock, robbing stage-coaches and murdering those who came after him, he's about to meet his well-deserved fate at the end of a rope!

But suddenly you enter your worst nightmare: a pitch-dark cell, a waiting hangman and Turpin who wants his revenge in blood!

A creepy whistle rides on the cold air. A feeling of resentment and anger surrounds you. Your senses tell you that you are not alone.

Through the dark silence comes a haunting wail and then suddenly a pale figure appears before you, a vengeful, ghostly presence that leaves you paralysed by fear!

Will you hold your nerve in the depths of the most haunted city in England? Or will you run for your life?!

Torture Chamber

York's torturer always finds a way to get you talking, whether with the hook, the castrator, the jaw breaker, or the creeping agony of the rack. Maybe he'll loosen your tongue the hard way, with the tongue-tearer!

The Great Plague

It's the 16th century and the terrible plague has struck York again. Thousands are dying, appallingly disfigured and in unspeakable agony. Will you escape the deadly disease or run out screaming?

Labyrinth of the Lost

Who dares enter the Labyrinth of the Lost? Here lies the ancient Roman fortress of Emperor Constantine, buried beneath York Minster. Every treacherous turn takes you closer to the grim ghosts of a Lost Roman Legion.

Judgement of Sinners

It is the middle of the 18th Century and England's justice system is harsh, unpredictable and frequently lethal. Some 220 offences are punishable by death. Pray the judge has pity on your soul. Your sentencing and fate await you!

Attraction Details

VenueYork Dungeons
Address12 Clifford St, York, Yorkshire, YO1 9RD
Opening timesMon - Sat 9am - 6pm
Entry costs
Attraction typeTheme Parks


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