Woburn Safari Park Zoos

Woburn Safari Park
Woburn Abbey, Woburn Park
Milton Keynes
MK17 9QN


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For a day packed with animal encounters and wonderful wildlife, visit Woburn with over 80 species of animals including lions, tigers and bears. Today, it is an award winning attraction which makes a valuable contribution to conservation. Most of all, it is a place where families can enjoy being together and seeing animals in a beautiful environment.

Your day out includes unlimited repeat circuits of the Road Safari drive through animal reserves, followed by adventures in the Foot Safari with a fantastic daily programme of keeper talks and demonstrations. Most of the leisure activities at Woburn Safari Park are included in your great value ticket price.

There is so much to see and do, with most activities included in your ticket price, it's time to come to Woburn Safari Park and catch all the hot new attractions this summer!


At the heart of the leisure area, Desert Springs is the new home to three species. Completion of this attraction, sees the arrival of a mischievous 'mob' of meerkats, a 'prickle' of porcupines and an adorable pair of yellow mongooses, named Basil and Sybil. Desert Springs affords visitors a fantastic insight into the animals' natural behaviours, as the habitat has been specially designed to closely resemble these animals' wild home.


Home to a small herd of fallow deer, the Deer Stop is a great new station on the Great Woburn Railway. Check the timetable and jump aboard the train at Bison Halt. Take a ride through the deer paddock with these beautiful animals.


This specially designed show ground is the site of the safari park keeper's daily meet and greet with Asian elephants Chandrika and Damini. The meadow gives our elephants space to bathe, dust and graze happily, whilst visitors have an excellent view of them enjoying their new habitat.


This great new attraction combines a live action sea lion demonstration in the indoor pool, with cutting edge 3D cinema technology and brings an amazing new dimension to visitor entertainment at the park.

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VenueWoburn Safari Park
AddressWoburn Abbey, Woburn Park, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, MK17 9QN
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Attraction typeZoos


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