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If there's one single band who can speak, or in this case play, for the entire 90's American punk rock scene, that band is Rancid.

While rumours about the band working on a new album scheduled for release in 2012 float around, let's take a moment to remember that they're responsible for some of the best classic punk songs of the mid-90s, like every song on their most successful album, "...And Out Come the Wolves".They're also responsible for some of literally the best albums in punk, "Life Won't Wait", the eponymic "Rancid", the critically-acclaimed "Let's Go", and their most recent effort, "Let the Dominoes Fall".If you've never heard Rancid play live before, then it is your lucky night. Get ready to hear music high on its own electric peak, something akin to what Tommy Ramone said about punk when he was asked to describe the genre, 'pure and stripped down, no bullshit rock & roll'.So, in the spirit of punk, without further ado, please welcome Rancid.

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